The Tools

Celtx:  An invaluable tool for pre-production work.  All script-writing, production, asset management and tracking are going to be done through Celtx.

Maya:  My weapon of choice for most things CG.  UVing, lighting, rigging, animating and rendering will all be done with Maya.

ZBrush:  I want to be able to sculpt my characters first, and then derive the lower poly versions after.  By sculpting to my heart’s content in ZBrush and then re-topologizing a number of times, I’ll feel more freedom to let the character take me where it wants.

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    If the destination toolbar isn't displayed, click the Toolbars tab, then select the toolbar's check box in the Toolbars list box to display the toolbar. Danior gestured his permission and Evangeline smiled at Dom with such delight he wondered if childbirth had driven her mad.
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  • Post processing work will be done in something that can handle it.  Probably After Effects and Premiere, but I’m not sure yet.

    More later.