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    We had worked hard and steady, and still no trouble.

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    He did not like the thought of being out there at night with the Shadowen still searching for him, but his choices were being stripped from him with alarming rapidity.
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    But again, the image was too perfect to mesh with Brainard's memory.
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  • A more refined communications system based on the exploding stars and the talkers?

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    Celtx:  An invaluable tool for pre-production work.  All script-writing, production, asset management and tracking are going to be done through Celtx.

    Maya:  My weapon of choice for most things CG.  UVing, lighting, rigging, animating and rendering will all be done with Maya.

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  • The crazed creature had cut a swathe through the middle of a vineyard, turned a stone wall to rubble and left a guard dog gibbering under a hedge. Seeing Craig lift the corpse onto the Stokes, Anna had noticed how muscular he was.

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    There then rose schools of thinkers who interpreted history as a cyclical process and claimed to show that inequality was the unalterable law of human life.

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  • ZBrush:  I want to be able to sculpt my characters first, and then derive the lower poly versions after.  By sculpting to my heart’s content in ZBrush and then re-topologizing a number of times, I’ll feel more freedom to let the character take me where it wants.

    Post processing work will be done in something that can handle it.  Probably After Effects and Premiere, but I’m not sure yet.

    More later.