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    A day or two following the return to Hartford, Clemens received a letter from General Grant, in which he wrote: Li Hung Chang is the most powerful and most influential Chinaman in his country.
    For one thing they were not assigned to a large class. She heard something that might have been voices sounds of anguish and horror.

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    Such caustic remarks about senior staff let alone their misconduct were most unusual.

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  • Extending one finger, she trailed the tip of it across Zach's nose, down over his mouth, and back around his nose once more.

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    Murzy's voice, coming clearly even through this hysteria and fear.
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  • The Tools

    Celtx:  An invaluable tool for pre-production work.  All script-writing, production, asset management and tracking are going to be done through Celtx.

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    Maya:  My weapon of choice for most things CG.  UVing, lighting, rigging, animating and rendering will all be done with Maya.

    ZBrush:  I want to be able to sculpt my characters first, and then derive the lower poly versions after.  By sculpting to my heart’s content in ZBrush and then re-topologizing a number of times, I’ll feel more freedom to let the character take me where it wants.

    Post processing work will be done in something that can handle it.  Probably After Effects and Premiere, but I’m not sure yet.

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    She had been trained for combat, and her longsword leaped from thrust to thrust as if it were weightless in her iron hands, slaying Coursers on all sides.

    Say again? asked Zainal, blinking with a lack of comprehension.

    This was during the war, when we were supposed to keep a blackout.

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    But he went further than paying appropriate respect to an officer wrapped in the aura of a personal representative of the Secretary of the Navy required.

  • He accordingly held me fast by the hand, while the assemblage crowded around him with such shouts of devoted attachment, and joy at his return, as were really affecting; nor did he extend to his followers what all eagerly sought, the grasp, namely, of his hand, until he had made them understand that I was to be kindly and carefully used. Scooping the ring from my hand, he tried to place it on his signet finger.
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    More later.